Jay Cutler and Diabetes – the personal connection

Giving back, whether through time, money, and/or expertise is often a very personal matter. We naturally feel for those people and places with which we have some connection.  For sports properties looking to find outlets for their players to give back and for non-profits looking to partner with players, teams, and leagues, it is essential to pay close attention to those factors that are so important in those parties’ lives.

In an example of such a personal connection, despite his move to a new team and city, Jay Cutler has resumed his efforts regarding educating the public and reaching out to those with diabetes. On Thursday, Cutler hosted three youngsters with juvenile diabetesfrom La Rabida Children’s Hospital as part of the Touchdown for Diabetes program. Jay has Type 1 diabetes.

You can read more about Jay’s interaction with La Rabida at http://larabida.org/page-tackling-diabetes.