Mikhail Prokhorov – Billionaire, Peace and Sport ambassador, and Jay-Z's buddy?

Just received the latest newsletter from the organization Peace and Sport. (www.peace-sport.org). One of the stories, more specifically one name and picture, stood out. It is that of Mikhail Prokhorov, who has been in the U.S. sports business press over the past couple of days as it was announced that he is buying into the ownership of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets and the still-to-be-built Barclays arena. We excerpt the story about Mikhail below.

(Peace and Sport story)

Peace and Sport’s Ambassadors play a key role in fulfilling the organization’s missions. Influential personalities from the world of sport, peace or business, they embody the complementary strengths surrounding the organization. They support its field missions and occupy a predominant place in its activities to raise awareness amongst decision makers in sport and politics.

Peace and Sport has a very special asset in Mikhail Prokhorov. A prominent businessman, he is also President of the Russian Biathlon Federation and an avid sports fan; he was presented with the golden emblem of Peace and Sport Ambassadors when Joel Bouzou visited Moscow in June.

Joël Bouzou & Mikhail Prokhorov

Joël Bouzou with Mikhail Prokhorov

Already a Founding Partner of our organization with his group Onexim, Mr. Prokhorov received recognition for his personal commitment to Peace and Sport.

Indeed, he has supported our work on numerous occasions. He says:
“I have always believed in the power of sport to contribute to a better world. Sport is a great unifier. It teaches people to work together as a team and respect the rules of friendly competition and fair play. I have chosen to support Peace and Sport because its goal is to use sport as a force for positive change in areas of extreme poverty, affected by conflict and lack of social cohesion. I would like to see its projects producing a rapid and quantifiable difference within the targeted communities. “

A few weeks after his appointment as Ambassador, Mr. Prokhorov appointed a representative to accompany Joel Bouzou to see a Locally-based project in Burundi – one of the biggest currently being conducted by Peace and Sport, both in terms of resources used and political support it enjoys.


Joël Bouzou and Onexim’s representative, with President of the Republic of Burundi, H.E. Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza and the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, H.E. Mr. Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo

Mr. Bouzou and the Onexim representative were received by the President of the Republic of Burundi, H.E. Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza and the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, H.E. Mr. Jean-Jacques Nyenimigabo, before visiting the towns of Cibitoke and Gihanga where Peace and Sport is currently working with the National Olympic Committee to develop platforms for multi-sport activities and training local educators.

A visit that enabled Onexim’s special envoy to fully understand local needs and issues in order to determine how to increase resources in the future.

Don’t forget that the Peace and Sport International Forum will take place from 25 to 27 November 2009. You can see the provisional program at http://www.peace-sport.org/pdf/programme_forum_peace_and_sport_2009_EN.pdf.