Football, love, and progress in Guatemala

There is a lot of great work being done out there. We will be spending even more time highlighting your accomplishments -whether you are the actual participants or a financial or moral supporters – as we move forward.

One example of progress comes from the folks at Congratulations to Drew and his team. Thanks for the heads up about your work.

Guatemala Projects

Since you last heard from us, we have completed two projects!  Our most recent project in Canguacha, Guatemala, a Keq’chi indigenous community, was our most exciting project yet.  The soccer field is the new center of the community and sits directly between the church, school, and marketplace.  It will directly serve 525 local students who had no place to play and approximately 8 surrounding communities that also did not have recreational space available.  At one point during the project, there were over 70 volunteer laborers working on this field at the same time!

Check out this picture of the celebration in Canguacha on inauguration day!


The results of Alex and Drew’s September scouting trip to Guatemala have led to a lineup of projects to be taken on through Spring 2010.  The barefoot children playing soccer on top of rocks and trash came as less of a shock than the first time we ventured to Guatemala three years ago.  However, the passion the children have to play – and the lengths they go to in order to have an opportunity – never fail to touch us.
During our community meeting in La Cuchilla, one child – José – spoke up and said, “No tenemos un lugar…no podemos hacer técnicas” We don’t have a place… we can’t control the ball here [on these rocks]. You can give José a place to play by donating to love.fútbol’s La Cuchilla Fund or participating in the love.fútbol giving challenge.  Our goal is to raise $5000 for this field.  The people of La Cuchilla are ready to go, and with the funding, we can complete this special project.  Please donate by clicking HERE.

This is a picture of La Cuchilla where kids play now.  You can play a role in giving them a safer place.

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