New Balance – makes sense

With more and more discussion about the “triple bottom line” and companies taking into account their profit and social impact goals, i.e. having balance, it should not be a surprise to see footwear and apparel company New Balance in the Boston College-Reputation Institute 2009 CSR Index’s Top 50 (came in at #28). You will also see a number of big sports sponsors and advertisers on the list.

You can read the full press release and link to the full top 50 list at Below, we highlight discussion about how the index is determined.

“The CSR Index is created by using data collected for Reputation Institute’s 2009 Global Pulse Study and analyzed in coordination with the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. The data captures public perception about the corporate citizenship, governance and workplace practices of more than 200 companies.

The CSR Index ranking is determined by how the public perceives a company inthree dimensions:

  • Citizenship: Does the company contribute positively to its surrounding community in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion?
  • Governance: Is the company business run in a fair and transparent fashion? Do stakeholders associate the company with high ethical business standards?
  • Workplace: Are employees treated fairly and paid a decent wage? Does the company invest in developing employee skill sets and career opportunities?”