GW's Green Sports Scorecard

Congratulations to the team at George Washington University on the 1-yr anniversary of its Green Sports Scorecard. According to Dr. Lisa Delpy Neirotti, Associate Professor & Director, Sports management Programs:

“This scorecard is used to educate, motivate, and help evaluate the eco-friendliness of sport facilities, organizations, and events.  Once a sport entity completes the Scorecard, GW faculty, staff, and students create a report offering both short and long term suggestions on ways to become more sustainable.  The results from the Scorecard are entered in a data base as a way to track annual progress.  All results remain confidential unless otherwise requested.   The Scorecard has eight sections: Green Management Values and Strategy, Green Management Structure and Culture, Green Facilities and Grounds, Green Concessions, Other Green Procurement, Greening Offices Outside Stadiums/Arenas, Greening Other Environmental Systems, and Greening Events and Tournaments.   Not all sections may be applicable to every entity completing the Scorecard.   To view and complete the Scorecard visit:  Thus far over 80 sport organizations, events, and facilities have completed the Scorecard.”

The Scorecard is joint effort between The GW School of Business’ Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR) and Sport Management Program.

For more information on the Scorecard, please contact Lisa by visiting