"It's gotta be the socks!"

Channeling Mars Blackmon from the ’80s Nike commercials, we highlight a press release from Elicit Brands, LLC a Tennessee-based company that owns the Swiftwick brand of socks. We liked the story because it touches upon sports and entrepreneurship.These two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Really.

The challenge of starting a business is present no matter the macroeconomic forces in play. Right now, we are of course, dealing with some very difficult forces. So it is nice to see companies, especially those with a connection to sports, finding ways to differentiate their business, e.g. innovation, and get support to help it grow, in this case, investment from a very satisfied customer.

Passion seems to be the common characteristic amongst the individuals and entities that we highlight here, whether they involved in poverty eradication, healthy living, or building an apparel equipment.  It ultimately is about development and extending access to products, services and activities that make our lives a bit better and/or easier.

The full press release about NFLer Derrick Mason’s investment into Swiftwick can be found at http://www.prlog.org/10390412-the-athletic-sock-born-in-brentwood-gets-superstar-investor.html, with an excerpt below.


The Athletic Sock Born In Brentwood Gets Superstar Investor

Derrick Mason Wears Swiftwick Compression Socks Made in Tennessee

PRLog (Press Release)Oct 27, 2009 – Elicit Brands, LLC, owner of the Swiftwick brand of high quality moisture wicking compression socks worn by athletes in almost every sport, announced today the addition of a new investor and partner, Derrick Mason.  The former Brentwood resident and Tennessee Titan who now plays wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens is widely recognized for his ability to see and take advantage of an opening on the field and he expects to bring that same vision to one of Brentwood’s most unique new businesses.  In less than two years, the company has established almost 200 retail outlets and created rabid fans in almost every sport.

“When a superstar like Derrick Mason becomes your partner it’s something you celebrate, not because of what he does, but because of who he is,” said Mark Cleveland, company CEO.  “He’

s a professional, a great personality and a one man proving ground for awesome socks.”“It’s simple,” Mason says when asked why he invested in the company, “just wear a pair of Swiftwick socks and you instantly recognize something special.  It seemed like an outrageous claim at first, their promise that this would be the best sock you’ve ever worn, but then I put them on.  They’re simply addictive.”  Made in Tennessee, Swiftwick socks are famous for creating a tight envelope around your feet and ankles.  Swiftwick compression socks extend the limits of athletic endurance by improving blood circulation in lower extremities and keeping feet dry for maximum comfort.  “Performance oriented people generate an energy that attracts performance oriented people,” Mason ads, “and this organization is focused on doing something special, so you see that kind of energy in their products.  It’s all about results and I want to be a part of that.”   Swiftwick


(The press release continues at http://www.prlog.org/10390412-the-athletic-sock-born-in-brentwood-gets-superstar-investor.html)