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Dave Lavinsky is the Co-Founder/President of Growthink, Inc. I used to work for Growthink and still incorporate the company’s business planning materials in the entrepreneurship class I have taught at NYU. Dave and Growthink also put out a newsletter which I find very useful. A recent post from Dave was especially relevant for what we highlight at Sports Doing Good, i.e. making a real difference in the lives of one’s customers/clients.

The post is short but says a lot. You can learn more about Growthink, its resources, and its newsletters below.

Dave Lavinksy, Growthink

I just finished conducting an interview.

And near the end of the interview I asked an interesting question.

I wasn’t sure regarding the response I would get, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The question I asked was, “What do you think makes the difference between a good and a great entrepreneur?”

I was expecting a list of qualities that the great entrepreneurs have.

But instead, entrepreneurship expert Dr. Bruce Barringer, gave a really great answer.

He said, “A great entrepreneur makes a difference in your life.”

He went on to explain that the founders of Google have changed his life as he spends so much time on Google these days. But you don’t have to be the
next Google to be a great entrepreneur.

The founders of the local coffee shop have also changed his life. As have the companies that created the podcasting technologies that he employs
every day.

The point is that great entrepreneurs are those that create products and services that truly benefit their customers in such a way that the customers integrate them into their lives.

When I think about my life, I can concur. The entrepreneurs who started the gym I go to, the gasoline station I frequent, and the supermarket where I buy my lunch have done a great job creating products and services that meet my needs. If they didn’t, I’d patronize their competitors.

So, as you start and/or grow your business, you should make all of your key decisions with this question in mind: “will this decision allow my company to better serve customers and make a bigger difference in their lives?” As Dr. Barringer pointed out, if you solve the customer need, the money will follow.

To hear Dr. Barringer’s answers to all of my questions on how to be a more successful entrepreneur, listen to the full interview on Growthink University here:  http://www.growthinkuniversity.com/members/361.cfm

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