Sports. Business. Philanthropy.

Sports. Business. Philanthropy. These are three driving forces behind the Sports Doing Good blog and The Kaur Group. So when I had the chance to attend an event entitled “Sports, Business and Philanthropy” this week, I was definitely not going to miss it.

Presented by All Stars Helping Kids, the 3rd Annual Sports, Business & Philanthropy luncheon had two explicit goals – one, to honor the 10 athletes named to the Dream Team for Public Service; two, to present Nancy Lieberman with the Bill Walsh Champion of Change Award.  

There was, also, an implicit goal, i.e. to inspire and motivate those in attendance and by extension, those in their professional and personal networks, to continue to learn more about opportunities to help others. The speeches by the honorees in attendance – Nnamdi Asomugha, Stuart Holden, Justin Tuck, Lauryn Williams, and Nancy Lieberman – all touched upon the joy and overall personal fulfillment they got from helping others, especially young people. They also invariably touched upon, to varying degrees, how they received formal and informal assistance from mentors, family members and friends, as they progressed in their personal and professional lives. This is what passing it forward is all about.

Congratulations to the team at All Stars Helping Kids, including Marlon Evans, Executive Director, Anika Dill, New York Program Director, and of course, founder Ronnie Lott.