Olympic-sized dreams and helping hands

We are about a month away from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. In addition to great performances, we are inevitably going to hear stories about overcoming personal obstacles and other inspirational performances. And that’s fine. Olympic athletes are a special breed, as many participate in sports way out of the limelight and way out of the money-world of major pro sports. This is their time to shine.

The sacrifice exhibited by these athletes, and their family and friends, may give them an added motivation to help those whose daily existence requires even greater sacrifices, those that have to be addressed just to survive.

You will find some examples of these great efforts by current and former Winter Olympians in an article by Vicki Michaelis at USA TODAY.

“Hearts of gold: Olympians find ways to give to others”

Featured athletes include: Caitlin Cahow, Jeremy Bloom, Chris Klug, Hannah Teter, and Ross Powers.

Jeremy Bloom (l)

Caitlin Cahow (below)