The situation in Haiti

In light of the major earthquake and subsequent damage in Haiti, most news outlets have been pointing viewers, readers, and listeners to their websites to find good, reputable places to which they can lend their support. For example, NBC Nightly News has a list you can find by clicking here.

The relief efforts will be staggering and will be short and long term focused. Right now the greatest need according to reports are the most basic in nature, such as clean water, food, and medicines. Finding those who are injured and who tragically lost their lives is the focus. For the former it is to bring care to prevent worsening of their condition, and for the latter, it is to help those in Haiti and diaspora from around the world to at least have some sense of closure, however amazingly difficult it may be to even think about. Many interviewed in the U.S. talk about the “not knowing” and how that is just tearing them up.

Like almost every country in the world, even despite of its pre-earthquake condition, which was already extremely difficult, Haitians have a sporting personality. Several athletes of Haitian descent with professional sports careers in the U.S. have spoken out about this tragedy and are encouraging everyone to help. But as you will read in a couple of stories linked to below, they are young men and women who are like everyone else during this time, desperate to know that their family, friends and country-men and women are okay.

In the following pieces you will hear from Philadelphia 76ers center Samuel Dalembert,  Indianapolis Colts receiver Pierre Garcon,  WBC welterweight champ Andre Berto, and  Denver Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil.

From“7.0 earthquake devastates Haiti.” (includes video interview with NBA player Samuel Dalembert.)

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Elvis Dumervil interview