Saturday Summary – Compilation of this week's stories (Jan. 4 – 9)

We are starting this week with something that will hopefully make it easier to catch up on any story or stories you missed in the past week. Since we did not do this for the first week of the year, we are starting with Jan. 4 – 9.

(No stories on Jan. 4)

January 5

Olympic-sized dreams and helping hands
Story of how various Winter Olympic athletes are giving back, including Caitlin Cahow, Jeremy Bloom, Chris Klug, Hannah Teter, and Ross Powers.

Finding good in the world of reality show nonsense
The upcoming version of Celebrity Apprentice will once again have multiple athletes, including Olympic champions Michael Johnson and Summer Sanders. Each will be competing to raise money for charity.

January 6

HP and NBA notch a digital assist
Story of HP and NBA awarding nearly $500,000 in HP Technology to Six Underserved Public Middle Schools Across the Country.

It’s not only about the kids
Luton (UK) is hosting an event to educate adults/parents about opportunities for them to become and stay healthy. It will also serve as an opportunity for local businesses to market their wares to a very interested audience.

January 7

The BCS will be replaced
A short commentary on the lack of integrity and honesty when it comes to the BCS and a link to Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel’s excellent article providing reasons and ways to change it.

January 8

SportsUnited – Kwan in Korea
Story of World and Olympic champion Michelle Kwan in Korea as part of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ SportsUnited program.

A video triggers Boateng’s donation
Article about Ghanaian international and La Liga soccer player Derek Boateng being so moved by a video he saw about children living in unsuitable conditions that he has made multiple donations to alleviate their pain.

January 9

Sports for Peace and Life
Six-minute video from MercyCorps about its efforts in southern Sudan and how Nike is contributing. “Sports for Peace and Life.”