When is gym?

That used to be a question a lot of us would ask years ago. Having a respite from non-stop class, getting a chance to play – maybe even outside! – was something to looking forward to. Soccer, football, dodgeball. Brign it on! And when we asked that question, there was always an answer.

For the past several years, the amount of time and resources allocated for gym has been cut across the country. This problem has been compounded by a reduction or even elimination of many intramural and varsity programs at schools. In this most recent tough economic period, there have been an increasing number of stories of programs dropped due to lack of funding at the grammar and high school levels.

The obesity problem in the U.S. is well documented and that documentation has been especially startling when viewed against this backdrop of reduced activity at the place kids spend a significant part of their day. It would seem that the value of physical activity is no longer valued in schools.

We came across a school in India whose commitment to a sport curriculum stands front and center in its mission. SKSN, A Residential School for the Physically Challenged, perhaps has a deeper need to integrate activities into the lives of its young members. This is to build their physical health, their chance to interact with each other is a fun, social setting, and to have opportunities to address and overcome those challenges that dominate their lives.

Sure, SKSN may have a deeper need for “phys ed” classes than many in the U.S. but that does not mean our need for regular school-based activity is trivial. Each person, politician, school administrator, and parent in the U.S. must realize that having time dedicated to the physical health of the student will have significant potential benefits, including better performance in the classroom and opportunities to build group interaction skills. And there is that small benefit of just having some fun.

You can learn more about SKSN buy clicking here.