Global Sports Forum Trophies nominees

The 2nd annual Global Sports Forum will be taking place next month in Barcelona (March 8-10). Part of that great event is the awarding for the first time of the Global Sports Forum Barcelona Trophies. The Trophies were created to “recognize remarkable sports-related achievements reflecting major issues and trends to be discussed during the Forum: Education, Sport Business; Health; Sport, Culture and Creativity; Sport in the City; Major Sport Events; Philanthropy and Cooperation; and Geopolitics.”

The nominees in each category have been announced and can be found by clicking here.

We are ecstatic that we have been able to feature already so many of the nominees. Congratulations to all of the nominees and to the Forum for elevating the importance of the overall movement and these specific efforts. The Forum already is a high-profile event worth attending and by creating the Trophies, it helps shine more light on efforts that others may be able to learn from and/or support.

About the Global Sports Forum
“Officially supported by the City of Barcelona, the Global Sports Forum Barcelona is an exchange platform attracting a wide range of personalities from the world of sport. Thanks to its unique emphasis on the position of sport at the heart of modern society, the Forum is a place where people come together and debate issues, the aim being to highlight sport in all its dimensions: economic, social, political and cultural.”