Following in big footsteps

In light of our recent posts on the work of former NBA star and Hall of Fame humanitarian Dikembe Mutombo and the NBA opening an office in Africa, we offer a link to an article that discusses in whole and in part, Dikembe’s work and the growing presence of players from Africa or of African descent. Their increased presence is not exclusive to on-court play, but rather, includes social development initiatives as well. One of those players is the New Orleans Hornets’ Emeka Okafor.

New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor, whose parents were born in Nigeria, is involved in the ’’One Million African Lives Initiative.’’ The program’s mission is to save 1 million lives in African over the next five years by preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through blood transfusions and increase the safe blood supply. The initiative has targeted Nigeria and the Congo.”

You can find John Reid’s March 7th piece, “Dikembe Mutombo raised the bar for African players,” at The Times Picayune by clicking here.