Sport and Social Responsibility Summit – 1 week notice

Corporate social responsibility is no longer an option; it’s a necessary part of business that is both good for society and good for business.  Society’s understanding of environmental and ethical issues is becoming increasingly sophisticated and values are changing to match. These beliefs are no longer in the margins. The majority of people now expect businesses to maintain high (at least higher) ethical values and make some contribution to a sustainable future.  Businesses that fail to engage with this growing agenda risk falling out of favor with the public and being seen as out of step with current business practices. Similarly those who act purely as a public relations exercise or “greenwash” are likely to have their images tarnished.

And the business of sport is no different.

These ideas, and others, will be front and center at the second annual Sport and Social Responsibility conference. The summit will be held at Cass Business School, London on March 19th 2010.

Bringing together a host of speakers detailing best practice from the largest international rights holders to small grassroots organizations, the Sport and Social Responsibility summit will take a fresh look at sport and social responsibility. Topics to be covered on March 19th include:

  • The changing role of CSR
  • Telling the world…Successfully communicating your CSR program
  • Building relationships between sponsors, rights holders and charitable partners
  • Developing grassroots program
  • Case studies from leading organizations

To find out more about the summit, visit the official site here.