Love, Basketball and Extending a Legacy

We came across a moving piece about a father and son whose shared love for basketball was a source of wonderful times together and despite the son’s passing, remains a driving force in the father’s life.

The story comes from The Hoya, one of the student run newspapers at my alma mater, Georgetown University. This story of Kent Boone and his son Chavis is filled with examples of how Kent has not only persevered but has taken his love for his son and for the sport of basketball and converted that into being a role model and teacher to so many.

As highlighted in the article, ““Basketball was our biggest thing to do together,” Boone says. “When I’m working at the camp or I’m at Georgetown games, I dedicate it to him and that gives me a lot of comfort. It’s a blessing in itself, and it helps me keep going.”

Kent has passion for sports, for Georgetown, and for life no doubt. But he has not been selfish with it. He shares it with family, friends, and the numerous young people he interacts with at the Georgetown basketball camp. He is truly passing it forward. We certainly applaud his efforts.

You can read the full story at The Hoya by clicking here.