A rewards program with short- and long-term benefits

Paul Pierce is many things – All-Star basketball player, NBA champion, rich and  famous. He is also a “regular” person who has experienced challenges like most people who don’t play basketball for a living. He has now undertaken a campaign that bridges his two worlds – regular person and basketball superstar – to make a lasting impact on society.

Paul, who admits he was a “roly-poly kid” who did not have the best eating habits growing up, has launched FitClub34, which is a rewards-based fan club “that provides children with the information, resources, and tools necessary to become more active and physically fit.” A key tool in the program that helps kids track their progress is the Paul Pierce Activity Watch.* The watch tracks kids’ activity level and earn points. The more these kids do, the more points they earn to to win a number of prizes including an iPod Nano, Nintendo Wii, a Paul Pierce signed jersey, or the chance to meet Paul. This is a rewards program with real short and long-term benefits.

We have featured Paul and his Truth Fund before at Sports Doing Good. He is an athlete, excuse us, a person who truly cares. He has before talked about his legacy, the impact he wants to have on society. He is certainly making it happen. This program is one that combines elements of his personal experience, his celebrity, and trends in society (technology, obesity, sports sponsorship) to make his intentions come to fruition.  It is easy to imagine that even if Paul was not a world-class athlete, he would be doing something to help others. As we have said before, you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to do have an impact. Just have a world-class commitment to yourself and to others.

To learn more about Paul and his efforts, please read this great article from Bella English at The Boston Globe by clicking here.

*The watch being used by FitClub34 is made by Switch2Health. Switch2Health® Corp. is “the leading enabler of improved Health & Wellness through motivating and rewarding people for physical activity. Their custom designed bands track physical activity and then present a code that gives the end user the ability to use their points for products ranging from gift cards to discounts on brand names chains. S2H motivates people to be physically active and brings together communities, businesses and organizations that want to reward those people for their physical activity.”