Haiti Update #3 – Peace and Sport (part 2)

In this second part, we offer an update directly from Peace and Sport about activity over the past month.

Peace and Sport Coordinated Activity in the Past Month

— The sports programme started last week, thanks to the donations we have received after our call for mobilization. So far, we have managed to provide equipment for 15 volleyball fields, 15 football fields and 5 handball fields and also some track and field equipment. It is estimated that more than 8000 kids on 15 sites have now started to practice sports activities.

— Some international sports federations have also pledged some help : the FIDE (chess federation) will give 500 chess games, the FMJD (draughts) will give approximately the same amount of ; the IRB (rugby) will give 400 rugby kits and the iCC (cricket) has given USD 2000… These are all donations on the way of being delivered to Haiti.

— The French National Olympic Committee is going to help us collecting some used equipments from the French football, baketball, volleyball, handball, track and field, judo and taekwondo federations

— Last (but not least), the association Solibad (badminton without borders) is helping us to collect 1000 badminton kits, with the support of the Iranian player Kaveh Mehrabi, who is also a Peace and Sport’s Champion for Peace. Please see attached the press release related to this operation. Another of our Champion for Peace (Diana Gandega, a street basketball player) is helping to collect used basketball kits in France.

We are very proud of all the work achieved so far and we are extremely happy of the tremendous support we have received from the sports world! But there is still a long way to go to provide assistance to the 50,000 Haitian kids living in the survivor camps identified by the Haitian Olympic Committee.

The SportAccord Convention (the must-be event for the sports movement) starts in 3 weeks: our plans are to mobilize a lot of people there and reach a milestone there.

Thank you.