"Sport Solidarity for Haiti" Update

Our friends at Peace and Sport just published an excellent outline of its and its partners efforts in Haiti (“Sport Solidarity for Haiti” Update).

“On 8 March, we launched a wide appeal for solidarity from the sports family, particularly calling on international decision makers who make up Peace and Sport’s action platform.

The appeal, called “Sport Solidarity for Haiti” went well beyond our expectations and we rapidly received countless expressions of support and pledges to support the action of the HOC.

We are therefore sending you this newsletter with great pride and emotion, to update you on the extremely positive progress of the ‘Sport Solidarity for Haiti’ Operation, giving information about the organizations and individuals who immediately committed to help us.

But the list of requirements in this area nonetheless remains enormous and our mobilizing actions need to be strengthened. This exciting project demonstrates that sport can bring a pragmatic and operational response to emergencies, to help these youngsters to evacuate their trauma, restore structure in their lives and give them the desire to rebuild their country on a sound footing.”

The following photo captures the desired impact of the comprehensive efforts of Peace and Sport and friends.