It Takes a (Global) Village…of Hoopsters

I just learned of a very interesting event taking place tomorrow – sorry for the late notice! – that we want to highlight. The event marries three major themes – the development of  a global community, the use of technology to bring people together, and the power of sport.

Global Village Basketball 2010 takes place tomorrow.  Started by Sean Smith, the event is a monster pickup game of basketball. Games of pickup are played all around the world by people of all ages and skill levels.  Scores and highlights (make sure to bring your camera) are shared with other players and teams and the event’s website.

In 2009, Sean was able to bring together hundreds of players in 7 different countries around the world – Canada, USA, China, Poland, Uruguay, Macedonia and Italy. They networked the scores of their pickup basketball games through the internet to collectively tally over 2,300 baskets. Final score: RED 1,182 – BLUE 1,121. Talk about no defense!!  🙂

According to Sean there were players as young as 4 and as old as 60-something, men and women, girls and boys, of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and of differently-abled bodies and skill levels. 2010 is projected to be an even bigger and better event.

We think this is a great idea, one with a ton of potential to continually bring people together to share their love of basketball with friends, family, and their global neighbors. And we think there is certainly potential to turn this into a fundraising event as well with corporate support. Maybe we will see that in the future.

Again, you can click the “JOIN THE GAME NOW” button at  Also, if you are on Facebook you can become a fan of Global Village Basketball at

We wish Sean and all the players the best of luck, and great weather, on June 9.