Racing to a finish line where everyone wins

Pepsi has invited three obscure (joking!) NASCAR drivers to take part in a friendly competition via its Pepsi Refresh Project. The three drivers are teammates on the Hendrick Motorsports team and each driver will promote a charity of his choice. The driver who collects the most online votes by June 23rd wins $100,000 for his charity.

Who are these guys? Well none other than Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt, three of the biggest names in the sport. The charities they are playing for are:

  • Gordon: establishing a program to support the treatment, care and protection of abused children
  • Johnson: providing financial relief to pediatric bone marrow transplant patients
  • Earnhardt: building a computer lab for elementary students

You can also watch the video and see more information regarding the “competition” by clicking here.

We spoke with the folks at the Be The Match Foundation, the organization for whom Jimmie is competing, who gave us some special insight into Jimmie’s effort. Jimmie and his wife are expecting their first child soon, and the money they are hoping to raise would help financially vulnerable families afford the uninsured and overwhelming recovery costs that come with a child’s marrow transplant.

“I can’t imagine having to choose between being beside my child’s hospital bed or being at work in order to keep our insurance active and a roof over our heads. It is a wonderful thing to know that Transplant Grants for Kids can help ease that tension,” Johnson said. “These grants give moms and dads a little less to worry about and give kids what they want most when they are sick – their parents by their bedside.”

Again, please visit the Project Refresh site to learn more about Jimmie’s effort and those of Dale and Jeff.  Congratulations to all three for their commitment to these causes and for bringing attention to the entire Pepsi Refresh Project.