State of Sports Infrastructure in India and around the world

The following opinion piece was one of the best yet that we’ve come across that speaks to the value of sport, for a country’s image, reputation, and most importantly for the health and well-being of much of its citizenry. The author’s focus is India but the passionate prose here can be applied to so many other countries around the globe. Sports is not the end- all, be-all of life. However, to ignore its role as a source of enjoyment, learning, and skills development, not to mention teamwork, friendship, and camaraderie, is a major mistake.

Access to sports these days does not just happen. There is often a real need for infrastructure, equipment, coaching and other support to give those interested just the basics to learn and appreciate sports. And if you want to pursue sports at the highest levels, these resources are essential. In too many places, e.g. India, they are severely lacking. Hopefully opinion pieces like this one will motivate those at the grassroots level and those in the corporate and public sectors to make these resources commonplace.

We start off with an excerpt from the opinion piece by Apoorva Gupta and then provide a link to the full article.


“Also, at individual level we, who are or would be parents can bring about a change in the outlook by encouraging children in the field in which their interest lies and by respecting people who decide to take up sports as career. For it not only needs physical fitness but mental agility and focus to be a professional sportsperson. In the family and among friends, one voice may not guarantee a radical change but even if transforms or remotely affects even a single perspective, then that would be the beginning.

The fact that some sportspersons in India touch great heights in spite of all the obstacles speaks volumes about their passion and commitment. But it is saddening to know that many talents do not see the light of the day as their tears and sweat mingle because of problems which can be solved and obstacles could be overcome. While we plan to make to take over the world, lets first deal with some basic loopholes at home. For if we are losing out on sports, not only are we losing out on chances to churn out champions but are we missing out on one of the most exuberant aspects of life.”

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