Colbert Doing Good

We love comedy. And that love is based often on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. While they don’t do a lot of sports-related faux news, when they do, they are hilarious. Stands to reason since everything they do is pretty hilarious.

Sports can, and should, be fun. We should have a good time. And it should be of a nature that we can laugh at parts of the sports industry both fun and absurd. And good-natured ribbing is part of that world.

We highlight The Colbert Report’s story last night on the New York Knicks (like the Mets in baseball, the team I follow when it comes to hoops). But whether you are a Knicks fan, if you are a fan of smart comedy, you will love the piece on the Knicks. It definitely is good-natured ribbing. The piece starts about 4 minutes into the full episode, which you can find by clicking here.

An excerpt from the segment: Colbert spoke with Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni about joining the team. Colbert: “When you look for a player, how much of it is skills and how much of it is intangibles, like great hair and a brilliant smile?” D’Antoni: “Mostly skill.” Colbert: “Let’s talk about the salary cap. I hear a lot about that. What is it and who gets to wear it?” D’Antoni: “It’s not really a cap. It’s like putting a lid on team salaries.” Colbert: “You got a lot of extra salary laying around right now. You didn’t know what to do with it. Here’s an idea: Take all that money and you buy season tickets to the Lakers.” More Colbert: “My understanding is you have a player that’s got an $11 million a year deal and does not play basketball for you.” D’Antoni: “That’s not quite true.” Colbert: “He played 60 minutes last year for $11 million. That is the contract I would like. I will play no basketball for $5 million. You’re making money. You just made $6 million off me. Can you afford not to hire me at this point?” D’Antoni: “When you put it that way it’s interesting” (“The Colbert Report,” Comedy Central, 6/29, sourced from Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Daily’s Morning Buzz).

So laugh everyone. And remember to have fun whether you are playing, watching, or even just talking about sports.