Cycle, don’t golf, for charity and new clients

We hope to  be involved in numerous fun charity events, where raising funds and awareness go hand-in-hand. We (okay, I) don’t however, want to be on a golf course. (Sorry, I am in a serious non-golf phase right now). Golf has been the sport of choice for charity events. It is a great way to raise money and awareness but too often is a bit too exclusionary since the dollars to get involved are usually high and the foursomes involve folks who already know each other. Can we find other ways to be active and raise money? Thankfully so.

We came across a story that highlights how endurance sports, e.g. running and biking, are growing in popularity when it comes to corporate fundraising. Long a staple of grassroots fundraising by kind-hearted individuals, now kind-hearted companies and organizations are lacing up and sometimes strapping on helmets to get the word and the wallet out.

The story is about David Rey, a financial adviser who approached clients about doing a long-distance bike ride to raise money for injured veterans.

“David Rey, an adviser with American Portfolios, a broker-dealer, with $11 billion in assets, didn’t know what to expect when he approached clients with the idea of raising money for injured veterans with a long-distance bike ride. Within a few weeks, he had received contributions from 100 clients and raised $7,700, far surpassing his original goal of $1,000. Nearly 80% of the money he raised for the Face of America Bike Ride, a 110-mile journey from Washington to Gettysburg, Pa., came from his clients. Individual client donations ranged from $10 to $200. Not only did his clients surprise him with their generosity, he soon learned that they were relating to him as a person and not just as an adviser.”

We love this. Get a real workout and raise money. And grab a new client or two.

To read the full story by Lisa Shidler at Investment News, please click here.