CSR: Taking its rightful place in the sports sponsorship discussion

The growth of the prominence of sports and social responsibility is indicated by a host of items, e.g. programs promoted by teams, leagues, and individuals; coverage in the sports and general media; and research into the development and effectiveness of the area by academics.

Another indicator is the inclusion of the topic in major marketing and sponsorship discussions, including at conferences. As we are seeing more and more activity, there is a need to share information and best practices about this growth area.

We will see such an inclusion at a major sports sponsorship later this year, Future Sponsorship 2010, being presented by Informa Sports Group (ISG) in association with the European Sponsorship Association (ESA).

Future Sponsorship 2010 will focus on the most pressing challenges around the dynamic sponsorship industry, the importance of experiential marketing and the rise of the term brand partnerships – all now vital to consider in the future of sponsorship.”

…”Established in the industry as the leading European conference, Future Sponsorship 2010 will debate the critical issues that will impact the future of sponsorship. It is a must attend event for rights holders, brand owners and agencies in the sport, media and entertainment industry.”

We applaud conference organizers and Board members for recognizing the current and potential importance of an area impacting so many stakeholders in sports.