Trekking to new heights

It is said in the world of entrepreneurship that in starting a new company or organization, “go with what you know.” Leverage your past experience and current expertise. It is likely that the opportunity you see was found through your direct dealing with a product or service either as a provider or as a customer.

In addition to “going with what you know”, when it comes to rolling out the product or service, entrepreneurs often do it where they live or work, an area they are familiar with.

Well, when trying to learn a new trade, master a skill, or find a source of positive influence, these same principles apply. First seen at, the following story is about the NGO Empowering Women of Nepal (EWN) (a Three Sisters program).

EWN seeks to train women to work as guides in the Himalayas. Nepalese women face a host of obstacles to live their live in a dignified manner. Lack of rights and opportunity for personal and professional development are too familiar. This program is committed to providing such rights, such opportunities. And EWN is doing this by introducing a program native to this area, familiar to its people, i.e. trekking.

The EWN enterprise is doing what entrepreneurs are encouraged to do, i.e. find something they are passionate about and what they know about, and then launch that effort in a place they are familiar with. And because of that, we foresee long-term success for the program and its members.

To learn more about EWN’s program, please watch a video at YouTube by clicking here.