CSR – caring sports resources

A quick note about CSR (okay, it really means corporate social responsibility :-)). In one of the classes I teach we spoke about CSR and ethics in the world of business. “That must be a short discussion,” some might say considering the rash of instances of companies failing to act appropriately in the eyes of some or all of their stakeholders.

There are, of course, stories that instill hope and confidence in our ability to employ positive approaches that generate significant results. Upon seeing the following item, we felt it worthwhile to highlight such a positive effort, one that may not seem so exotic but helpful nonetheless, this time from a locale we have not covered before, Guyana. There, the influential, state-owned oil company puts a major emphasis on its support of sports as a way to support the country at large. So, yes, it might be worthwhile to sometimes call the efforts of Guyoil and the host of other companies using sport for positive change, Caring Sports Resources.


Guyoil has traditionally been recognized as an organisation that is dedicated to the development of Guyana’s commitment to sports programmes.

The Company is currently partnering with St. Stanislaus College sporting facilities that is primarily intended to promote the wellness of its employees and the community. These facilities will be utilized by individuals and organisations. Guyoil is readily identified with successful sporting programmes and successful teams.

Guyoil in collaboration with Castrol is engaged in the sponsorship of the following:

  • Under 15 Inter County Cricket
  • Pakaraima Mountain Safari
  • Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Clubs Racing Events
  • Grass Track Motor Cycle Racing Events
  • Car & Bike Show
  • Bartica Regatta Motor Boat Racing
  • Mainstay Regatta Motor Boat Racing
  • Splashmins Regatta
  • Annual Memorial Cycle Race
  • Boxing – Guyana Friday Night Fights
  • Golf
  • Body Building