A simply stated mission: Water for People (Blog Action Day 2010)

We covered PlayPumps International (PPI) last year. We loved the concept and its initial implementation. Its great works continues and we wanted to cover again the organization in light of today’s Blog Action Day 2010. The topic this year is…water.

In October 2009, PPI announced that it selected a new implementing NGO, Water For People, a nonprofit international humanitarian organization that supports the development of sustainable safe drinking water. Water For People provides access to safe water and sanitation globally, and has been a leader for almost 20 years in promoting sustainable solutions, particularly by leveraging the power of the local private sector for on-going operations and maintenance. Through its grant from PPI, and an additional grant from the Case Foundation, Water For People has added the PlayPump technology to the list of water solutions that it offers to communities in rural Africa beginning in 2010.

To see PPI in action, please visit its YouTube channel.