Images of Grandeur – 2010 Commonwealth Games

There were a host of articles discussing and detailing the myriad of problems with New Delhi’s preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Frankly, it was exhausting trying to keep up with it all. It was quite disappointing the country let such a great opportunity pass by. This was not just an opportunity to impress the international sports and non-sports worlds, but more importantly, impress its own citizenry, to bring a sense of joy, pride, and even accomplishment to those whose connection with the “India miracle” is tangible at best.

With that being said, sport and culture can come together to deliver a magnificent spectacle, as you will see at The Sacramento Bee’s website – a few are excerpted below – by clicking here to see one of many YouTube clips.

Images credited to Getty Images / Feng Li; AFP/ Getty Images / Indranil Mukherje; AP / Anupam Nath