Save (Sports and) Service Summer Mobilization Campaign

We had a chance to reconnect with friends from Up2Us and the Sport and Development Project (Brown University) this past week in New York. The night was full of fun conversation and the continuous exchange of ideas. Being there also reminded me of an email that I received just a few days before from Up2Us that was disturbing as it talked about the possibility of the loss of a valuable program.

With all of the discussion about the debt ceiling and a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, spending cuts, etc. seemed a bit abstract, we are all going to be impacted, whether directly or indirectly. These are going to be challenging times for many of us in various parts of our lives. And of course, those who may have the least amount of resources are going to be especially vulnerable.

Up2Us runs a terrific program called Coach Across America. The program is really picking up steam and having a recognizable impact on the lives of thousands of kids. However, there is discussion of funding potentially being lost. I am passing along the email I received from Up2Us and hope that you will join us in mobilizing those things for which there are no ceilings or limits, that is our energy, passion, and support for each other.





From Up2Us

We need your help to Save Service. Modeled after their successful campaign that saved the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) from elimination in Fiscal Year 2011, the Save Service Summer Mobilization Campaign is calling on all organizations touched by CNCS to help preserve funding for Fiscal Year 2012.  CNCS provides low-cost solutions to critical issues such as education and health and is the chief funder of Coach Across America.  Without CNCS, Up2Us would no longer be able to provide trained AmeriCorps coaches to your programs.

The Save Service Summer Mobilization Campaign is urging service supporters to engage members of Congress in their districts and states on August 10th.  You can find contact information for your members and other resources to mobilize here:

We cannot afford to let these important resources be decimated at a time when our youth sports systems are in crisis.  Please join us in support of the Save Service Summer Mobilization Campaign and take part in the activities occurring in your area to ensure CNCS and CAA continue to thrive.