Responsiball – giving football/soccer leagues another thing to compete on

No surprise, but when it comes to sports competitions, or any competition for that matter, people want to win. Yes, there is great value in participating – we have highlighted many of those positive aspects at Sports Doing Good – but surely it is more fun to win than lose. And that prospect of being the best, or at least amongst the best, is a motivating factor for individuals, teams, and now companies and organizations.

Responsiball, a social responsibility platform for football (soccer) clubs recently published the first ever social responsibility football league ranking.  According to Schwery Consulting, which put out the study, the ranking is being shared now, at the start of the football season, to shed light on the current state of social responsibility at the top clubs in Europe.

Note that Responsiball goes beyond just listing leagues in order. It is also intending to become a meeting place, a knowledge repository, and best practices exchange forum for those who want to see football and really sports overall, maximize its potential as a force for positive works. Being able to compare oneself against other entities is a fundamental part of competition. Done the right way, it allows for each party to potentially be and do better. And in the area of sports and social responsibility, nothing could be better. There, everybody wins.

RESPONSIBALL is managed by Schwery Consulting, a Swiss social enterprise working with sport-related organisations and companies in the field of social responsibility.