BYUtv and Street Soccer USA – a convergence of entrepreneurship

We came across a wonderful story told at BYUtv regarding our friends at Street Soccer USA. In this short (8-minute) but very moving and inspiring piece, we learn about the individuals who are benefiting from this great program, the importance of engaging individuals in their young adult years, and the promise inherent in team sports that instills pride, confidence, and a sense of belonging.

The story is told by BYUtv, an initiaive of Brigham Young University in Utah. Launched in 2000, BYUtv is “committed to providing uplifting and entertaining programming that enables its viewers to see the good in the world around them.” We at Sports Doing Good obviously love that idea. What we are also impressed by is the initiative of BYU to take ownership of the message it is trying to promote in each day on its campus and in its surrounding world. We have seen in sports a proliferation of regional sports networks and single sports networks. The idea behind this growth being that we – team, league, or region – have a story to tell and we think we are best at telling it. And we think we have a financial model that makes our venture sustainable.

It was great to see this video on Street Soccer USA, another venture that involved seeing someone say, “Hey, we think we can do something better than what is currently out there.” It is the essence of entrepreneurship, whether your motive is pure profit, pure charity, or a combination. And sometimes, such entrepreneurs come together to tell a great story like this one.

The segment on Street Soccer can be found at about the 4 minute mark.