Role of Sports – part of the global economic discussion

The Summit on the Global Agenda 2009 is currently taking place in Dubai, UAE.

Amongst the Councils this year is the Role of Sports in SocietyCouncil members include: Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, David J. Stern, Dong Jinxia, George Foster, Jeremy Darroch, Jérome Valcke, Malcolm Speed, Marianne Engle, Mel Young, Nick Keller,  Philippe Huber, Pierre Lanfranchi, Rosi Prescott, Sean Collins, Sean Jefferson, Tegla Loroupe, Tessa Jowell, Timothy P. Shriver, Wilfried Lemke. Bios for these individuals can be found at:

The Global Agenda Councils of the World Economic Forum are selective, invitation-only groups focusing on key topics in the global arena. Each Global Agenda Council, comprised of 15-20 members, serves as an advisory board to the Forum and other interested parties, such as Governments and International Organizations.

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Event: Network of Global Agenda Councils

“The World Economic Forum is forming Global Agenda Councils on the foremost topics in the global arena. For each of these topics, the Forum will convene the most innovative and relevant leaders to capture the best knowledge on each key issue and integrate it into global collaboration and decision-making processes.

Global Agenda Councils represent transformational innovation in global governance, creating multistakeholder groups composed of the most innovative and influential minds for the purpose of advancing knowledge as well as collaboratively developing solutions for the most crucial issues on the global agenda.

Global Agenda Councils will challenge prevailing assumptions, monitor trends, map interrelationships and address knowledge gaps. Equally important, Global Agenda Councils will also propose solutions, devise strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of actions using measurable benchmarks.”

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