Boys of Summer – Baseball, and Curacao’s, heart on display

Saw a great film on Wednesday. The Boys of Summer, as you can imagine, is about youngsters playing baseball. But as we know, and as the movie shows, sports, while fun, can be about so much more.

Sports can motivate us, educate us, and drive us to meet or exceed our expectations. Sometimes, playing a game even helps us to just have expectations of what can be. We get to experience new things, which sets the stage for enlightenment one may not ever imagine without sports.

In Boys of Summer, the efforts and exploits of the boys and coaches that make up the team from the tiny island nation of Curacao trying to make the Little League World Series are highlighted. You fall in love with these players, relate to their efforts to fulfill not only their hopes but those of an entire nation. They have pressures that most adults would not be able to handle. (Remember, we are talking about 11 and 12 year olds.)

The movie has just been released. I encourage those who have a chance to see it to do so. You will have a lot of fun. I also hope that whether you see it or not, you will take a moment to let others know about it. You don’t have to be a fan of baseball to like this movie. Just be a fan of the innocence and joy of youth and the power of our desire to have our dreams come true.