Soccer and a vision for inclusion – Alive & Kicking

Our friends at Fair Trade Sports posted a great story about one of its partners, another friend of Sports Doing Good, Alive & Kicking.

Both of these organizations make it a point to leverage sports to provide a valuable resource to individuals and organizations around the world. That resource? Access. Access to jobs, opportunity, sports, fun, and more of life has to offer.

In this story, Alive & Kicking has found a way to help those who are visually prepared to enjoy the world’s most popular sport. You can learn more by visiting the Fair Trade website. An excerpt is provided below.

“A&K Kenya has recently improved its pioneering African-made ‘sound ball’ for the visually impaired. Designed to make a rattling sound when played with and considerably cheaper than imported alternatives, the ball will give many more blind and visually impaired children in Kenya the opportunity to benefit from taking part in organised sport.

Also, here is a video from the Blind World Cup. Makes you appreciate the universality of “the beautiful game” Beauty is not just seen. It is felt. And you feel it with these players. Great stuff.