Rural challengers – the love and impact of sports knows no boundaries

Providing access to sports and all its related positive effects can be a challenge even in the most developed locations. Money, infrastructure, eduation, etc. Even when it’s all there sometimes we have trouble getting those young and old more involved in sports. Imagine being successful in doing so when you have none of those resources? Thankfully, there are stories that show us that, in fact, such successes occur and we should do what we can to see more and more of them in the future.

We came across such a program in India that should motivate all of us.

Audacious Academy for Sports and Social Development (AASSD) intended to provide both the chattels to the students with the theme Education through Sports from Rural Challengers – an audacious initiative. We work for the students in under privilege rural areas in Southern parts of Tamil Nadu (India) especially whose parents are a traditional coconut & palm tree climbers, daily wages longing for an opportunity to prove them and to have a bright future.”

Parents are parents. They want the best for their kids. And kids are kids. They want to have fun and feel they are part of something, be part of a team or a group. Through this program and others like it, we are seeing even those farthest away have up-close and personal, positive experiences.

You can learn more about this initiative by watching a great video. You will also learn more about AASSD by reading its profile at Beyond Sport.