Respecting the game, respecting the culture

Bringing sports and all of its related benefits to those young and old is a wonderful gesture, one that helps elevate those now enjoying and developing through sport, and those who are assisting these deprived individuals and groups. However, it is not enough to walk into a city, town, or village and announce you are there, your way is the best way, and then be inflexible in the implementation of the program. As the saying goes, many times it is important to use the “Think globally, act locally” strategy.

We learned from our friends at about a program from our friends at Right to Play (we love friends like these) that delivers a program ripe with the wonder of sports but does so understanding the cultural challenges they are facing.  Gender discrimination and fear of the outside influences are just two of the issues Right to Play or any NGO for that matter may have to deal with in trying to reach, in this case, young Afghan girls who have been displaced and are dealing with limitations in every respect, including just playing and having fun as young people should be able to do.

We applaud the efforts of Right to Play and applaud the efforts of the girls themselves. They both are showing that with respect and determination, attitudes can begin to change, change for the benefit of all involved.

Learn how Right to Play is motivating young female refugees in rural Pakistani villages by watching two videos – Right To Play. Peshawar, Pakistan. Part 1 and Right To Play. Peshawar, Pakistan. Part 2.