Soap Box Derby – the special stories come at you…fast. Be ready on July 23!

The day after we watched a very moving piece from E:60 involving a family that is truly committed to the soap box derby, we received an email from someone involved with this national (now international) event. This was more than a nice coincidence. It was a call to action.

The E:60 story on Carol Anne Brown, a very special young lady, and her family is one that will warm your heart, then sadden you, then give you a sense of renewal and hope. That is what it did for us.

After you watch the video we encourage you to learn more about the soap box derby by visiting the website. (We excerpt some information from the press release below). The soap box derby is one of those true quintessential “Americana” events that brings together families and communities. It is fun and full of competition. Sounds pretty American to us.

Please note that the 74th All-American Soap Box Derby will be streaming LIVE from Ustream on July 23.

Press Release Excerpt

Every July kids and families from around the world gather in Akron, Ohio for the Soap Box Derby.  The Derby, a gravity powered race for boys and girls down a 989 foot hill, has been running since 1934. In addition to the championship racing, kids and parents can enjoy the numerous family friendly events during the week including trips down the hill that are open to non-racers. This year’s event is taking place all day Saturday, July 23rd and will be streaming LIVE from Ustream. For more information on the event and webcast, please visit our Social Media Release here: