Dikembe Mutombo & Yao Ming – a couple of Special guys

We came across a blog dedicated to providing news and information regarding the Special Olympics. We have added The World of Special Olympics to our Blogroll and will make sure to follow it. You may want to do the same. Great stuff there.

One story that we found especially cool was the one that highlighted a nice little pick-up game between two very large guys – Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming. Both NBA stars and both Special Olympics Global Ambassadors, the guys were in Athens for the Special Olympics that took wrapped up just a few days ago.

The Special Olympics, as many of you know, is a tremendous organization that has changed the lives of literally millions of people. It has brought those with intellectual disabilities to the world of sport and it has brought the world of sport to their world. Dikembe and Yao are just but two examples of that overlap.

Wonderful work by these guys, the Special Olympics and its millions of fans and supporters.

Note to Dikembe: I love you sporting that Georgetown gear!