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Aug. 25 – Aug. 31, 2013

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Soccer Dreams of Tibetan Exiles
For Tibetan exiles, the jersey is not merely a testament to their deep devotion to soccer. It is also proof of their enduring optimism — because the aspiring players are well aware that it’s extremely difficult to field a national team when you have no nation.

The first Tibetan soccer team, Lhasa United, 1936.

“The ’99ers” – The Summer That Changed Women’s Soccer
After all, the 1999 World Cup final is a seminal moment in women’s sports; played in front of a sold-out crowd of over ninety thousand people at the Rose Bowl, and forty million more watching the live broadcast on ABC, it remains the most watched women’s sporting event in history.

Knocked the Hell Out by ‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali’
That is also why for my money some of the best sports documentaries have Ali as their central focus. When We Were Kings or Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World are classics and belong on the shortlist of the best sports docs ever made…What makes The Trials of Muhammad Ali, by Academy Award–nominated director Bill (The Weather Underground) Siegel so special, is that it succeeds where so many have failed.

Muhammad Ali carries his son on his shoulders, Aug. 24, 1974. (AP Photo/Bill Ingraham)

Unicycle Football Is a Thing, a Very Magical and Wondrous Thing
The return of football season means that a great many bros and bro-ettes will get a hankering to play some flag football with the crew. Well, you aren’t playing true street football and are simply not correct if you don’t bring the unicycles.
(Video –

NFL Foundation donates equipment to Heads Up league in Moore, OK
“The community of Moore has shown great resiliency following the tornados,” said Anderson. “Sports have a unique way of helping communities to heal following tragedy, and we hope that by supporting the local youth football league we can help to provide a source of pride and normalcy.”

Backstrom, Brouwer, Rice, Jr., and Moore Help With DC Beautification Day
Joined by more than 100 volunteers, the Red Rockers and Wizard Girls, Backstrom, Brouwer, Rice Jr. and Moore painted murals around the building, worked in the school garden and assisted teachers with classroom setup, among other projects. “It’s always great to be with our fans and give back to the community,” said Backstrom. “The beginning of the school year is an exciting time and we hope the kids enjoy the murals.”

Troy Brouwer, Glen Rice Jr., Jessica Moore, and Nicklas Backstrom pose with the Red Rockers and Wizards girls. (Ben Sumner)

Santa Monica Rugby Players Tow a Plane for Special Olympics
The Santa Monica Rugby Club joined Ms California Christina Meredith in a charity Plane Pull to benefit the Special Olympics this past weekend. The players from both the Santa Monica men’s and women’s clubs went to the Long Beach Airport Saturday to pull an 82-ton FedEx airplane 12 feet. They did this a total of eight times, averaging 11.22 seconds per pull.

Heave. The club gets on with it. Photo by Rene Merideth.

Beyond Sport and streetfootballworld team up to host landmark event in USA
Beyond Soccer – powered by streetfootballworld – is a full-day event focused on the unique role the world’s most popular sport can play in driving social change…Nick Sakiewicz, CEO of the Philadelphia Union said of hosting the event:  “At the core of our values is that soccer is a catalyst for social responsibility. We are excited to welcome like-minded people from around the world to our world-class facility to share best practices in this area.”

Chris Bosh travels to India, mixes family vacation with NBA business
But another spot is India. For the past few years NBA players have gone there as ambassadors in the summer and this time it was Chris Bosh (he helped run some youth basketball clinics there). But he and his family mixed in a little traveling and getting to know the country with the business. Bosh is a thoughtful guy, a smart guy, someone who wants to be exposed to the cultures and differences around him, so good on him for getting out and seeing part of the country.
(Video –

US basketball star Kyrie Irving visits schools in South Africa with UNICEF
Over the course of the three-day trip, Mr. Irving, the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year, witnessed a wide range of UNICEF Schools for Africa programs in Gauteng Province, visiting primary and secondary schools in both Soweto and Randfontein, where he engaged with students, teachers and administrators.

At Emaweni Primary School in Soweto, Kyrie Irving worked on an art project with children in the school’s Early Childhood Development program. © UNICEF South Africa/2013


Marty Glickman’s dashed dream and regained triumph remembered in new film
Barred from competing in the 1936 Olympics, the Jewish kid from the Bronx who could run faster than anyone in the neighborhood went on to forge a career as a pioneering sportscaster who was the voice of two pro franchises, but never forgot his roots.

The HBO documentary on Marty Glickman, shown broadcasting a baseball game, captures much of the dynamic history of post-World War II America. Photo by HBO / JTA Photo Service

Paralysed base jumper knows no fear as he throws himself off 1,100ft bridge in a WHEELCHAIR
Despite being unable to walk or use his left arm because of a previous base jump accident, Mr. Bissonnette still enjoys his sport to the fullest. He said: ‘Base-jumping brings an amazing feeling to me that I don’t get any other way. ‘I don’t let being paralysed stop me for one moment.

Daredevil: Lonnie Bissonnette was left paralysed following a previous base jumping accident but still enjoys the extreme sport. The 48-year-old is pictured throwing himself off the New River Gorge, West Virginia. HotSpot Media.

CCBA Presents $10K to ASCS
Carrollwood Community Bar Association (CCBA) recently presented a $10,000 check to Tyrone Keys, founder of All Sports Community Service (ASCS) Foundation. The two organizations have benefited from a twelve year partnership. The CCBA helps raise funds through an annual golf tournament which are then used to give grants to teachers and youth coaches and to help support programs that guide students towards achieving higher education goals through compassion and character.

Michael Vick, Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Dedicate Team Vick Field in Hunting Park
The restoration of the football field to a state-of-the- art multi-sport field is the capstone project of Phase One of the Hunting Park Revitalization Project and will become home to the North Philadelphia Aztecs youth football program and Little Flower High School Athletics.

Somerset Patriots Unveil POW/MIA Chair of Honor
In partnership with the American Legion Riders Post 12- Somerville, the Somerset Patriots have dedicated an area of the ballpark on the main concourse behind home plate for the tribute. The area is painted black and includes a black stadium chair, a POW/MIA logo placed behind the chair, and a plaque commemorating the sacrifices made by U.S. troops serving our nation.

How to Foster Good Sportsmanship in Your Kids
Fostering a sense of good sportsmanship starts at home, and isn’t the sole responsibility of coaches. These tips can help you create an environment in which sportsmanship reigns supreme and avoid potential problems with kids’ behavior later.

Georgetown Men’s Basketball Helps Clean Playground in Southeast Washington
“I think it’s a great thing for the players in terms of taking value and going out and helping someone else,” Cynthia Smith-Lewis, Property Assistant Manager for SOME said. “It’s a great thing to know they care. And for the families to know the Georgetown team came out and worked on our playground, it has value. For the families to know that someone is investing in them to help their life, it means a lot.”

lFrank Galarza fighting for title, wayward youth
He wants to introduce youth who are in danger of letting the streets swallow them up, and spit them into jail, or a coffin, to what boxing has done for him. Galarza just got back from Rio, where he spent a week at the headquarters for Fight For Peace, a non-profit organization and program founded by Luke Dowdney, the CEO of Luta, a sports performance clothing brand.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Carolina Panthers Become One of the First Professional Football Teams to Join “It Can Wait” Movement
“Tens of thousands of fans from across the Carolinas drive to Charlotte to root on the Panthers every home game,” said Danny Morrison, president of the Carolina Panthers. “On the way, it’s tempting to send a message to a friend, check a smartphone for updates on starting lineups, or look up stats. That can wait until you get to the stadium. We want our fans to get to the game and back home safely.”

Boston Athletic Association expands field for 2014 Boston Marathon by 9,000
Starting Aug. 19, the BAA allowed 5,624 runners who did not have an opportunity to finish the 2013 Boston Marathon due to the bombings a chance to enter early. Non-finishers were eligible for the special registration period if they reached the half marathon checkpoint or later.

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